Where Will He Show Up Next? I Want To Forget.

Where would he show up?
Where would he show up next?

A few days had passed since talking with Tessa.  I was overly cautious when I was outside of the dorm.  Wondering where Devon would show up next and have me wanting to puke.  I had kept busy with the orientation schedule and helping at different events.  I hiked up Mt. McKay one day.  It was fun.  Love being out in nature.  Devon did not come; he is not much of a nature person.  So, I was not worried about him showing up.

Where Devon would show up was on campus and around residence.  There were a couple times when Devon popped up and I freaked out.  One day I went running to Julie’s room, in tears.  “Julie, come with me to J.N.’s office!  I need to tell her how Devon keeps showing up in the dorm.”  Julie agreed and came with me.

Unfortunately, J.N. was not in her office.  I left a message for her to call me when she could.  I was getting scared, and it did not feel good.  I needed to tell her what happened, everything.

“Hey Julie, want to go over to Dan’s Diner for a snack?”  I knocked on Julie’s door that evening.

“Ya, sure.  Hang on.”  Julie grabbed her keys and off we went.

It was busy, it normally was almost every night.  Dan’s Diner was an evening/late night diner where we could get pizza, chips, and best of all milkshakes!  I loved them!  That is what I was in line to get on this evening. 

Julie was standing with me.  All of a sudden, we saw Devon come into the diner.  We looked at each other.  I almost puked yet stood strong as I could.  Thinking to myself “Why does he show up when I’m trying to forget about him?”

Devon got into line, yet not really.  He was standing really close to me behind me and off to one side Julie said to me later.

Then another friend from 1st year came into the diner.  Another tall gentle giant.  Cory was his name.  He was the house present of the ‘quiet’ dorm on campus.  I did not see Cory come in though right away.   I felt hands on my shoulders and massaging me.  I jumped and froze.  I thought it was Devon.  Then though Cory said hello and I relaxed a bit.  I spun around and said, “Hi Cory, here for a milkshake too?”  Trying my best to stay calm and centered.  As I was now facing the direction of Devon.  Devon was glaring at me.

Why does Devon show up and scare me?  I want him to leave me alone. 

“Aime, when Cory showed up and was massaging your shoulders, Devon was looking at you, but not at you, more like through you, a very hard stare at you.  He looked angry too.”  Julie said to me when we were walking back to our dorm.

“I wish Devon would not show up in random places and scare me.”  I said with a quiver in my voice.

It did not help that earlier in the morning I was talking with Mindy a mutual friend of Devon and myself.  She said “Aime I was over visiting with the boys at Eagle River 6 and Devon was there.  We got talking and you came up in conversation.  I said to Devon I know why he and you broke up.  Devon said that she didn’t know why.”  I looked at Mindy, surprised.  “Really?” 

“Yes, yet I did say, oh yes I do know why the real reason.”  Mindy continued.

I let out a sigh, and thanked Mindy.

The nightmares still were happening.  Devon would show up in my nightmares.  The one that scared me again was in the dream I was walking with the Foot Patrol team to go over and visit friends in a townhouse.  This townhouse happened to be right beside Eagle River 6.  In my dream Devon came out of his townhouse and said I could stay with him while I waited for my friends to show up.  I started backing away shaking my head no.  In the dream then Devon charged and attacked me, he was on top of me.  It all happened so fast.  The Foot Patrol team did what they had to do to get Devon off me, called the Emergency First Response Team who had me go to the hospital.  In the dream at the hospital, I pressed charges against Devon.

There was more to worry about while at school than just Devon.  Like getting onto the Emergency First Response Team, my birthday, and Thanksgiving.

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