two youth smiling, and one female adult smiling

Are you worried about your child? You want to help and support your child, yet not sure where to turn or what do to?

Have you seen your child withdraw from interacting with family? Do they stay a lot of the time in their room, slamming their backpack down after coming in the door after school?

I encourage you to reach out to me to help you and your child. By providing 1:1 private coaching to your child a couple times a month, or once a week I can help them come out of their shell, be confident in their skin, and above all be happy. Use the Contact Us page and request a free 30-minute consultation to book a meeting with me.

From a parent of a 12-year-old daughter: “My daughter is coming out of her shell, she’s happier and talking with the family now, thank you for helping my daughter, she is thriving!”

From a young teen: “Thank you for your help. I feel more confident in myself. I can walk down the school hall and smile at people now. I trust you Aime and can share things with you that I’ve not shared with my family.”

3-month or 6-month options available.

Be Brave:

2 private 45 min calls on Teams virtually a month = $650/month

Be Bold:

1 private 45 min call on Teams virtually a week = $1000/month

Be You:

1 private 45 min call on Teams virtually a week PLUS 1 day a week text chat on a secure communication app called Signal. = $1250/month