Stubby Arm, Pointy Finger…I Just Want to Dance!

I just want to dance!

A month or so had passed since the Easter weekend incident.  Devon still had the piece of paper stuck to his wall across from his bed with the word communication.  We would dance around with our words. My fear of him was growing.

“Aime we need to communicate, and talk, you’re not talking to me again.  Where are you going tonight?”  Devon looked at me with a frown.

“I’m heading to the common room to watch some tv with some friends from the house.  You can come if you want.  I feel I don’t have to tell you everything I am doing.  Remember sweetie, you’re not my Mum.  I do not need to report to you.  Especially when I’m not leaving the building.”  I huffed, and my feet danced on the spot nervously at Devon.  The lines I worked on with Shelley and J.P. were helping, yet I was still feeling afraid of Devon. 

Watching the shows with friends was fun.  Devon did join us eventually.  The couches were a light brown fabric and scratchy to the skin.  Our common room was in the basement of the building.  It was a big enough space though that a large group could join in watching the tv.  The off-white brick painted walls were covered with big brown cut out images of Easter things.  We weren’t the best house to clean up immediately after a holiday.  Devon had his big arm around me and pulled me in close, too close.  My body being pressed up against his side of his body was uncomfortable.  I didn’t want to say anything, I was afraid to make a scene.

Things were starting to wind down for my first year at university.  We were heading into the semi-formal dance weekend.  

“Aime!  Let’s go to the mall!  Let’s buy some new dresses for the dance and semi formal night!”  Sam was at my door; she was happy and almost always smiling.  She wanted to get off campus too. 

“Yes, I would love to, it’s been a while since being at the mall shopping.  And so much time has gone since I last was at a dance! All this studying is playing havoc on me.  No fun!”  I grinned back at Sam.

“Where are you going?”  Devon saw me and rushed to me.  He saw I was with the girls getting organized to head out to catch the bus near the end of campus.

“Out to buy a new dress for the semi-formal dance.  You want me to look pretty for the night yes?”  I did my best to stay calm and strong.

“When will you be back?”  Devon grabbed my arm.

“Hey, Devon, let her go, let the girls go.  Never ask a woman when she’ll be back from shopping.  This is their time to connect and gossip.”  Charlie had stepped out of his room and waved at Sam.  They were a couple.  I liked how Sam could do what she wanted and didn’t always have to have Charlie with her.

“Okay, well be back as soon as you can.  I worry about you.  See you then for dinner.”  Devon frowned at me, and at Charlie.

It was so much fun being out with the girls.  I had not been shopping for a dress like the one I was looking for in a long time. 

“Aime why is Devon like that?”  Sam looked at me concerned.

“Like what?”  I replied

“Devon wanting to know where you are going all time, and when you’ll be home.  Doesn’t he know you are your own person, and he is not your Mum?  Charlie is cool that I am my own woman and is happy when I go out with the girls.”  Sam said to me.

Shuffling my feet and looking up at Sam I didn’t really know what to say to her.  I just smiled.

I found a purple dress.  Purple is my favourite colour, I felt pretty in the dress. It was lacy and covered me from head to toe.  We had fun looking at all the dresses and helping each other find a nice dress for the semi-formal, I thought I was going to dance the night away in this one.

Devon was pacing when we got back. 

“Dinner is almost over, and I want to go to the dinner with you.”  The words Devon said were spitting from his mouth like fire.  I could tell he was not happy.

“I ate with the girls at the mall before coming back here. I’m not hungry.  I’ll go to Dan’s Diner later tonight for a sub or some pizza.”  I replied to Devon, frozen in fear, my feet stopped dancing.

“Not good!  I need to come with you then.”  Devon was not impressed.  As he huffed and left to go for dinner.

I wondered why Devon was like this, why was he so concerned to where I was all the time and wanting me with him at all times.  He also didn’t like it when I went out with others.

The night of the semi formal was upon us.  Carry was wearing her dress and looked awesome.  I put on my purple dress and looked at myself in the mirror.  I did my best to smile.  I was worried about the night.  Worried how Devon would be with everyone. 

“Ready for dinner?”  Dee was in the doorway.

“Yup, I wonder what we’ll get tonight?  Roast beef is my guess.”  I said smiling to Dee.

A bunch of us did photo’s before going to dinner.  Devon and I did one together.  Devon holding my upper arm.  He was holding me tight.  I was smiling as if all was well. My dress had short sleeves and didn’t reveal much, it was even a long dress.  Which I think I bought subconsciously as I didn’t want Devon to get upset that other guys could be watching me in the dress especially at the dance.

Before the dinner there was a ceremony of awards.  Shelley was given an award for being the Residence Programmer, and all the House Presidents out going, made a skit of their year.  The entire student body of residence was there.  It was fun seeing everyone.  We all had some good laughs too.  It was good to laugh.  I didn’t want to laugh too much though; I hid my smile.  I could see Devon staring at the other guys and thought they were watching me laugh and have good time. 

Dinner was very yummy and seeing everyone dressed up was great. 

“Aime you look beautiful in that dress.”  Thank you for wearing it for me.  It feels so lovely on your skin.”  Devon kissed me. 

I changed into a top and jeans for the dance at the pub.  Half way the evening at dinner I felt that I didn’t want to dance in my dress.  I wanted to be more comfortable, and it did accentuate my breasts, I was worried that if I was at the dance Devon would become more jealous of the other boys watching me.

“Come on you two!  Time to go to the pub!  Let’s dance!” Nicole bounced by Devon’s door where I was with him.  “I’m excited to dance, are you Aime?”  Nicole was smiling huge.

“Oh, I am! Will be fun!”  Smiling back at Nicole, Devon frowned at me.

“I’ll go, but I don’t want to dance.  I’ll just watch you dance.”  Devon said to Nicole.

“Maybe that will change Devon?”  Nicole smiled.

As a group, we headed over to the pub.  It was hopping!  So, full of fellow residence kids.  Luckily our pub had two levels with a balcony over looking the dance floor.  Devon and a few of the guys found a table upstairs and put our jackets on it.  It was still a chilly evening even for being March.

The girls and I pounced onto the dance floor.  It was so busy, and fun at the same time.  Dancing to so many songs and singing along as well.  I was happy, smiling and really enjoying myself. 

“Aime get Devon down here to dance with us!”  Julie said to me.  Her boyfriend Toby was with us, so I thought Devon might join us on the dance floor.

Waving at Devon I motioned for him to join us, on the dance floor.  Playfully asking I persisted.

Devon continued to shake his head no.  Then is facial expression changed and he looked angry.  Devon waved at me with a stubby arm and pointy finger demanded I get up to him on the second floor.  The song that was playing was a favourite of mine, so I motioned to Devon that I wold be there, but he had to wait.  Bad decision on my part.  Devon got angrier and glared at me intently.  I could see him fuming!

Slowly I made my way through the crowd an up the stairs.  “Why did you do that?”  Derek was again spitting fire with his words.

“Because we all want you to join us on the dance floor.  Julie and Toby asked me to get you to join us.”  Doing my best to remain calm, I smiled at Devon.

“You know I don’t dance.  I also don’t like the others watching you dance.  I don’t like dancing.  Period.  You shouldn’t have done that. I am glad you changed the boys were looking at your breasts in the dress you were wearing earlier.”  Devon glared angrily at me.

“I’m sorry.  I like dancing and wanted you to join me.  Something fun to do.”  My eyes were sad and fearful, as I responded.  I was doing my best to not cry.

“No, it’s not fun.  I don’t dance. And the other guys shouldn’t be watching you dance.  Just me.  Come on, we’re leaving.”  Devon thrusted my coat at me and I followed him like a lost puppy back to the dorm.  Devon marched back ahead of me on the path and grumbled under his breath as we walked.  We could see our breath in the cold night air. 

“You know I can’t dance.  I don’t like watching the other guys watching you dance.  You’re my girl friend.”  Back in the dorm Devon backed me into the wall near his room.  He slammed his hands by my face on the wall.  “I love you.  I don’t want to be with anyone else but you.”  Devon put his hands on my face.  He kissed me and his hands moved to my neck and he squeezed as he kissed me.  Stunned I froze, I couldn’t move.  I don’t know how long I stood there; Devon stormed into his room.  One of the girls must have heard the commotion and came out into the hall staring at me.  She looked stunned as I was.  She had her eyes wide and mouth wide open in surprise.  She looked at me and mouthed the words ‘Are you okay?’  I nodded and went back into Devon’s room.