You Lied To Me!

You lied to me!

One of the values I was taught was not to have lied to friends. Through my classes I was making friends from different houses in Residence as well as a few friends who lived off campus.  Mary was one of my friends in the Social Work Program I was in, she lived in town.

As we were leaving class one day Mary said to me “Hey Aime my birthday is this weekend.  I’m inviting you over for a party with a few friends.  Want to come?”

Smiling at Mary “Oh thank you!  I would love to come.  Thanks for inviting me!”

“You’re welcome, I’ve invited a few of you from Res so I am sure you can figure out transportation.”

Mary gave me her address and the time to be there.  I was happy to go off campus to visit Mary and friends from my program.  This was going to be one of the first times I was off campus with friends.

Walking back from the cafe with Nicole to our dorm we were chatting about the weekend.  “What are you up to on Saturday?”

“I’m heading off campus to celebrate a friend’s birthday, think I’ll be home around 11pm?  Not sure though.  A few of us are going from residence car pooling together.”

“Oh!  That sounds fun! Enjoy!”  Nicole smiled at me as we walked back to our dorm. 

“What are you up too?”  I asked back to Nicole.

“Oh, studying, and maybe going out too, I like to be spontaneous.”  Nicole grinned and laughed. 

Silently smiling I was happy too.  Devon had over heard that I was going out on the weekend without him.  “Aime you didn’t tell me you were going off campus this weekend!”  Devon glared at me, he put his hands on his hips. 

“Devon, I was only asked by Mary a few hours ago at the end of class.  I haven’t seen you, and I don’t think you need to know all of my plans.” I was back in my dorm room, and I lied down on my bed for a few moments. 

“What?  Why, I want and need you to be with me.  Who are you going with?  How are you getting there?  When will you be home?  What will you be doing?”  I could tell Devon was getting wound up in his temper, he was shifting back and forth on his feet, and his voice rose in volume.

My heat sunk fast, why is he asking so many questions?  “I’m going with friends from my program, one of the girls is driving who lives here on campus in a different building.  I’m not sure when I’ll be home.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll stay over.  And I think we’re playing games and hanging out.”

Derek frowned. “Who’s all going to be there?  Guys and girls?”

“I have no idea.  Mary asked people from class.  And it’s her party so not sure who all she invited.”  I was getting upset now.  Why is he doing this?  Why is he asking so many questions?  I thought to myself.  He’s not my Mum!

Saturday night came and off I went to Mary’s house.  I dressed up a bit, put on a nice top and made sure I had a shower, put on some make-up.  I was feeling awesome.  It was fun being at Mary’s house.  She enjoyed the gifts we gave her, and we enjoyed the cake and snacks.  It was fun hanging out with friends from class.  We played different board games and laughed lots.  I had not laughed in such a long time.  At one point one of the guys lied down on the couch to relax some.

I thanked my friend who drove and came bouncing through the door.  I had no clue what time it was.  Devon heard me unlock my door.  As our rooms were side by side.  Luckily Carry wasn’t home yet, she must be with her boyfriend.  Devon came storming into the room.

“You lied to me!”  Fire spitting from his voice stung the back of my neck like a bee sting.  Devon spun me around grabbing my upper arms.  In shock wide eyed my voice squeaked “What do you mean?”

Furrowed brow and still spitting fire “You told Nicole you would be home around 11pm!”  He shook me once.  “You told me you weren’t sure what time you would be home.  And what are you wearing?  Why are you wearing make-up?  Who was there?”  Devon let go and stared at me.  “Well, what do you have to say?”

Bowing my head then looking at him “I’m sorry, I wanted to wear this nice top and make-up for fun, to dress up some.  I’m sorry I am not home when you thinking I was to be, what time is it any way?”

Devon glared at me “Midnight.”

Thinking quick on my feet and on the fly as I wanted Devon to calm down “I am sorry, I really wasn’t sure what time I was going to be home.  I told Nicole one time as a guess.”

“But you told me you may even sleep over there.  That you weren’t sure what time you’ll be home.  That’s lying.”

Devon kissed me and squeezed me tight in a hug. “I love you.  I worry when you’re not with me.”

“I’m sorry.  I love you too.” I lied down on my bed after Devon left, worrying. Thinking, is he always going to be like this?